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K E N N E D Y  S A N D A U  .

Fashion blogger, social media expert, and full-time student Kennedy Sandau started her fashion blog 3 years ago as a sophomore in high school.  At 19 years old Kennedy runs a fashion blog while getting her bachelor degree in international business from Boise State University, works a job at the university bookstore, and is a member of Zeta-Tau-Alpha Sorority.  We chose Kennedy Sandau for this issues female artists spotlight for a variety of reasons, specifically her intense dedication to her blog.  Running it for the past three years has been no easy task.  Planning shoots, designing outfits, finding photographers, and writing her posts takes time and energy.  Her commitment to doing what she loves is what we admire most.  Keep reading for an interview with Kennedy Sandau. 

What made you want to start Kennspiration?

Around the time when I first started my blog, I was super into reading other fashion blogs! It was my favorite thing to do, and I had been thinking about starting my own for awhile at that point. I always had people asking me how I knew how to style something a certain way, so I figured I might as well try to share those answers on a blog, and maybe other people would want to read it too. At that point, I decided to take a chance and go for it!

How would you describe your style?

I feel like this has always been such a tricky question for me, as I have always loved a lot of different types of styles! I’ve always struggled to find only a couple words that describes my personal style. However, I feel like recently I have come up with a better way to describe it. I love very feminine and classy pieces, but I also love to throw in something very unique or bold every once in awhile. I am a huge fan of anything retro inspired though, and I feel like that’s the best phrase to describe my style.

What's your favorite and least favorite part about blogging?

My least favorite part is definitely how competitive it can be. Social Media is a crazy game, and personally it’s been very hard for me to reach new followers at times. It’s also really easy to be constantly comparing yourself with other bloggers, and how they’ve been able to grow so much faster than you. But, even with all that, I wouldn’t ever give it up! I love getting to have my own little creative space, that I feel really represents me and the things I love. Being a business major and living in Idaho, sometimes it can be really hard to do anything with fashion. Blogging allows, and even at times forces me, to take time to do something I love.

Where do you hope Kennspiration will be in 10 years?

That’s something crazy to think about, but I hope I’m still blogging! With how far technology and how big influencers have come in the past ten years, who knows what will happen in the following ten! I hope that my following has grown exponentially, and that maybe I’m able to take Kennspiration to New York Fashion Week by that time, but other than that I’m not sure!

Who are some fashion bloggers that you idolize?

I have so many, how am I suppose to choose? My absolute favorite by far is Julia Hengel from Gal Meets Glam. Not only is her style and blog amazing, but she has also developed her own dress line, which is such an inspiration to me. I also love Tezza, Carly from Carly the Prepster, and Hailey Devine from Somewhere Devine. I just think it’s crazy how big of an outreach and influence bloggers have on the fashion world right now.

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